3ABN Fall Camp Meeting 2019
September 26-28, 2019

3ABN Fall Camp Meeting • September 26-28, 2019


Doug Batchelor

Doug Batchelor

Amazing Facts Ministries

Doug Batchelor is president of Amazing Facts Ministries and senior pastor of Granite Bay Adventist Church in California. His down-to-earth approach and spontaneous humor, has endeared him to worldwide audiences through his Amazing Facts television programs. He enjoys flying, scuba diving, and playing guitar. He and his wife Karen have five children.

Website: Amazing Facts Ministries

Ted N.C. Wilson

Ted N.C. Wilson

Ted N.C. Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church since July 2010, began his church ministry as a pastor in 1974, and went on to serve in numerous church leadership roles throughout the world. An ordained minister, Pastor Wilson holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in religious education from New York University, a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University, and a Master of Science degree in public health from the Loma Linda University School of Public Health.

3ABN Family

Danny Shelton

Danny Shelton

In 1984, the Holy Spirit impressed Danny to “build a television station that would reach the world with the undiluted three angels’ messages” of Revelation 14. Through Danny’s vision, hard work, and God’s guidance—Three Angels Broadcasting Network began airing via satellite within just two years, and was dubbed as the “Mending Broken People” network. Danny’s vision continued to grow, and today 3ABN networks are broadcast worldwide via 8 satellites to thousands of cable stations, hundreds of television and radio stations, and the Internet, and have expanded to include: 3ABN Latino Network, 3ABN Proclaim Network, Dare to Dream Network, 3ABN Kids Network, 3ABN Français Network, and the 3ABN Radio Network. Also a Christian author, Danny has nearly 15 million books in circulation, translated in numerous languages. Danny continues to serve the ministry of 3ABN as Founder and Corporate Consultant.

Websites: 3ABN.tv | dannyshelton.com

Greg Morikone

A tireless servant-leader, Greg Morikone is the President of 3ABN. Starting as a college intern in September of 1999, Greg has served 3ABN in many capacities, and understands the intricate workings of broadcasting, publishing, and Internet media. He held various management positions at 3ABN over the years, including Call Center Manager, Production Manager, General Vice President, and 3ABN Board Member. Greg has a passion for uplifting Jesus Christ, and reaching the world for the glory of God. He enjoys working side-by-side with the love of his life, Jill, whom he married in 2002.

Jill Morikone

Jill Morikone serves as 3ABN Vice President/COO. She is the author of HeartLift–Experiencing God’s Freedom, and hosts a television program by the same name on 3ABN. She loves to share the Word of God at women’s conferences and churches, and is a columnist for the Adventist Review magazine. She often co-hosts the 3ABN Today program with her husband, Greg. Her passion is to help people experience transformation and freedom in Jesus.

Dr. Yvonne Lewis-Shelton

Yvonne Lewis-Shelton is founder/consultant for 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network. Dr. Yvonne has enjoyed successful careers as a musician, doctor, author, lecturer, and television host before coming to 3ABN, and has been pleased to use all her expertise to launch and manage: The 3ABN Dare to Dream Network. Dr. Lewis is the proud mother of two sons, Marc and Jason, and gives all praise to God for His favor and mercy in her life.

Websites: D2Dnetwork.tv

Jason Bergmann

Jason Bergmann attended Andrews University in MI where he received a B.B.A. in Accounting. Later he graduated from City University of Seattle, WA with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). Jason gained experience at various Seventh-day Adventist Conferences and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He currently serves 3ABN as their CFO/Treasurer. Jason is married to Francine Bergmann and they have one daughter.

Mollie Steenson

Mollie Steenson has been with 3ABN since September 1995 and now serves as 3ABN board member. She and her husband, Hal Steenson, figure prominently in early 3ABN history through their support and pledge of television equipment, which signaled to Danny Shelton that "where God guides, He provides"! She has faithfully served this ministry in many capacities, and her strength and dignity have been a singular testimony to her Christian life.

CA Murray

CA Murray

CA Murray is a member of 3ABN’s board of directors, and has recently retired from his 3ABN Proclaim! Network general manager and 3ABN Today producer positions. An ordained minister for over 27 years he spent most of his ministerial life in New York City and worked extensively with the media as a writer, producer, consultant and host of television and radio programs for the Adventist church. He has authored three books, and now lives with his wife Irma in Panama.

Shelley Quinn

Shelley Quinn

Shelley Quinn is the 3ABN Program Development Manager/Producer and hosts several 3ABN programs. As a popular Christian author and Bible teacher, she travels the U.S. and abroad preaching the gospel of God’s grace at revivals, retreats, and camp meetings. She has authored numerous books, including The Grace Pipeline, Pressing in to His Presence, Exalting His Word, and Ten Commandments Twice Removed (co-authored with Danny Shelton).

Francine Bergmann

Francine Bergmann

Francine Bergmann is the General Manager of 3ABN’s Kids Network. She has used her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction for over 18 years to impact the lives of children in grades one through eight. She has a passionate desire to help children learn about Jesus, and believes it takes a community to help each child reach their potential.

John Dinzey, General Manager 3abn Latino

John Dinzey

John Dinzey is the general manager for 3ABN Latino Network. Born in Dominican Republic, he felt God’s calling to serve in ministry when he was only eight years old. He has worked for 3ABN in various departments since 1989, and his wife Idalia works as his administrative assistant and producer of the 3ABN Hoy (3ABN Today) program. They have two children.

Websites: 3ABNLatino.tv

Pastor John Lomacang

John Lomacang

Pastor John Lomacang is 3ABN’s Director of World Evangelism and has served as an ordained minister for over 29 years. He is the pastor at the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church, and hosts several 3ABN programs, including House Calls and A Sharper Focus. He has shared the gospel in 59 countries, sung with the Heritage Singers, and been a vocalist for 3ABN, Amazing Facts, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy. He has recorded numerous music projects, and written his autobiography, Abandoned but Not Alone. His wife Angela works for 3ABN Radio Network.

Websites: asf.3abn.org | JohnLomacang.com

Roy and Earlenne Hunt

Roy Hunt Roy Hunt is the Director of 3ABN Planned Giving and Trust Services. He previously held several management positions with the Seventh-day Adventist Church, including the ministries of Voice of Prophecy and the Adventist Media Center.

Earlenne Hunt Earlenne Hunt is Trust Officer with 3ABN Planned Giving and Trust Services. Educated in business management and accounting, she previously worked for the Wisconsin Conference, Pacific Press, It Is Written, and Voice of Prophecy.

Websites: Planned Giving & Trust Services

Moses Primo

Moses Primo, Director of Broadcasting, Operations, & Engineering, began his television career at TV Globo, Brazil. In the USA, he earned his Masters in Television Management, worked at several Boston stations—including NBC and Fox—before coming to 3ABN in 1992. Under his direction, 3ABN has grown from two local stations to a worldwide network of TV/Radio stations. He’s built satellite uplinks, production trucks, automated master control, and opened NGOs in other countries.

Websites: 3ABNfrancais.tv | mySDAtv.org

Tim Parton

Tim Parton

Tim Parton, Tim Parton is the general manager of 3ABN Praise Him Music Network, an internet-based channel devoted to glorifying God and edifying Christians through Christian music. His life centers around Christ-focused congregational worship, and for 30 years, Tim has performed as piano-accompanist and singer.

Websites: 3ABNPraiseHim.tv

Kenny Shelton

Kenny Shelton has been in ministry since 1985, and is the president of Behold the Lamb Ministries. Early in his ministry, Pastor Kenny worked together with his brother, Danny, in raising up the first Adventist satellite television network, 3ABN. His program, Behold the Lamb Presents is seen weekly on 3ABN.

Website: BeholdtheLambMinistries.com


Danny Shelton

Danny Shelton

Yvonne Lewis

Yvonne Lewis-Shelton

Celestine Barry-Dickens

John Lomacang

Ladye Love Smith

Melody Shelton-Firestone

Ryan Day

Ryan Day


Stephanie Dawn & Dann Thornton

Tammy Chance

Tim Parton

Tim Parton

About Camp Meeting

If you haven't attended a 3ABN Camp Meeting, you're missing out on a blessing you won't find anywhere else! 3ABN Camp Meeting usually occurs twice each year: once in the spring, and again in the fall. More than a thousand people come from all over the United States, and often from around the world to attend on campus.

These live broadcasts are normally held on our campus in rural southern Illinois, near the small town of Thompsonville.

We have seminars throughout the day, and inspiring music and meetings in the evenings. Our lineup of speakers includes many of the favorite presenters seen on our 3ABN networks.


3ABN has been hosting camp meetings for many years. The idea of a Christian "camp meeting" comes from an American Protestant tradition that began in the 1800s, and is preserved in various Christian circles even today. In many church calendars, camp meetings have been replaced by conventions and retreats. But for many people the words "camp meeting" bring back happy memories of yesteryear, memories they'd like to relive. Most of 3ABN's camp meeting guests forgo the camping experience for the comforts of a hotel or RV. Still, we like the down-home feeling that the words "camp meeting" convey, and their association with warm fellowship, great music, and inspiring messages.

Traditionally 3ABN's Spring Camp Meeting is the longer event, drawing a larger attendance. Recent themes include Ten Commandments Weekend, Pillars of Our Faith, Pillars of Prophecy, and Exposing the Counterfeit. The fall event is our 3ABN Homecoming, which has more of a family get-together feel.

About 3ABN

Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is the “Mending Broken People Network,” a 24-hour Christian television and radio ministry. Surrounded by the rolling farmland of Southern Illinois, 3ABN beams its television and radio programming to eight satellites which carry it to every inhabited continent. 3ABN is not owned, operated or funded by any church, denomination or organization, so people from all cultures and backgrounds appreciate 3ABN programming. Many of 3ABN’s employees and volunteers are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.Read more about 3ABN here.

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